About Levercliff

Levercliff is a strategic marketing consultancy working with companies in the food and drink sector.

We have been established for over 20 years and have a proven track record in growing profitable sales for our clients. We work with both the public and private sector.

Working with Levercliff gave us the confidence to launch our range of farmhouse crisps, as they worked with us from researching the idea through to brand design and launch.

Tom Keogh

Managing Director, Keoghs Crisps

What we believe

Companies irrespective of size can successfully supply retailers and food service operators of their choice, provided their marketing mix is aligned to their chosen trade customer.

What we do

Help companies to achieve this alignment and thereby build sales and profitability for their businesses.

How we do it

Taking our clients through a strategic approach to business development, what we call ‘The Levercliff Approach’.

Why do we do this

Because we know it works.