Business Consultancy


Business Consultancy

Business Planning
From developing your vision for the business to designing practical plans for growth, such as grant applications, our strategic thinking combines market insight and a thorough analysis of external opportunities and internal capabilities. We can work with your team to facilitate planning, or write a comprehensive and pragmatic plan ourselves. Similarly, for financial modelling, we can work alongside your finance department to ensure their figures and forecasts relate to the overall plan.


360 Business Reviews
When there are significant opportunities to choose, markets to tap and internal problems to solve, day-to-day pressures often stop you focusing on what it is you need to do. We’ll spend time with you and your senior team identifying the priorities and creating a target-driven action plan to push things forward. Once we’ve written up our recommendations, you’ll feel energised and will have a plan to deliver immediate step changes to your business.


Management Information
When you start out as a small business it is relatively easy to keep things under control, but as you grow it becomes significantly harder to do so. We can help you design finance and operations systems, and processes to enable you to track progress, identify problems sooner, deliver savings and look ahead to the next big opportunity.

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