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A Millennial’s Top 5 Australian Food Experiences

25th October 2019

Holidays aren’t just a get-away, for me they are an opportunity to explore local cultures and cuisines. Earlier in the year I visited Western Australia visiting Perth and Freemantle, Margaret River and Alban food-packed holiday that got me thinking about new food influences and trends. Here are my top 5 food experiences – from the perspective of a Millennial:

1-Instagramable Brunch

The Australians have certainly mastered brunch but avocados and eggs are just the tip of the iceberg. One of my favourite places for brunch was Bib and Tucker ( in Freemantle where I ate the Bibs burn-addict: Poached eggs with crunchy pork hock, topped off with smoked chilli, hollandaise, crispy leeks and pickled chillies – plus a side of cornbread. Not just a delicious meal but also a beautiful view of the beach from the balcony of the restaurant. Every brunch I ate in Australia both looked and tasted delicious – colourful, healthy and Instagram worthy! It’s very important for outlets to produce food that is Instagramable in the current climate, especially with a target audience of Millennials. It’s a great marketing tool and some outlets have gone to the extreme to take the perfect picture- a restaurant in London changed their tables to marble tops simply because it looks good on Instagram!! (

2-Experiential Wine

The Margaret River region is a great place to appreciate world-class restaurants and award-winning wineries, as well as more casual breweries, coffee shops and pubs. I learnt so much about winemaking at the local vineyards – different grapes, processes and the history behind various wineries – I even came away with a new opinion on chardonnay. Luckily, we had a designated driver which meant we could enjoy our wine-tasting day to the full!

3-Different Cuisines

Australia has always been a melting pot of cultures, which shines through strongest in its cuisine. One of my favourite eateries was Il Lido ( on Cottesloe Beach, which specialises in fabulous Italian treats. Located on the seafront with views over the ocean, it really delivers with both delicious food and vibrant atmosphere. On the night I dined there, the chefs were shucking (preparing) oysters at the restaurant door and interacting with customers and waiting staff – the food is important, but the overall experience and theatre makes it more memorable. I hope that the implementation of theatre like experiences such as the ‘Healthy Eating Store Tours’ introduced by Waitrose will help embed healthy eating choices into consumers’ minds, experience is much more impactful than being told what you can and can’t eat (

Not to be outdone, Australians certainly know how to excel at their own specialities – kangaroo! Margaret River’s Vasse Felix winery ( really feels like paradise – a beautiful location with fine wine and the place I ate kangaroo for the first time. Definitely worth trying – it was tasty but I don’t think it will become a regular item in my meal plans!

4-Hands on Cacao

Don’t think it’s just savoury delicacies that Western Australia can serve up – they also deliver on sweet treats. On visiting Gabriel Chocolate (, a famous chocolatier, I was fascinated to find out the size of cacao! A pod on display was the size of a mini rugby ball – I assumed this was a model of the real thing but I was soon told I was holding the original.

5-Eco BBQ

There is something wonderful about turning up to a campsite or beach and popping a couple of steaks and chicken skewers on the barbecue, with no hassle or worry. Unless a site is extremely remote it typically has a barbecue station or two which are well maintained and free to use. Most travellers in these parts, both local and international, have the same interest in keeping the standards high – following the motto of leaving the barbecue in the state you would expect to find it. Similarly, the white sand beaches of WA stay clean as the grill is at the back of beach – no need for disposable BBQs or litter on the beach. It felt like a wonderful way of life, no vandalism or abuse of these public areas means everyone can enjoy the facilities and they can continue to be maintained and funded. I wonder if these would be as successful if implemented in the UK? Sustainability and Waste Reduction certainly seems much more at the forefront of consumers mind since the David Attenborough series of ‘Blue Plant 2’ which revealed parts of the supply chain which consumers were not aware of or is waste reduction more of a cultural norm in Australia?

So there we have it – my 5 millennial musings in Western Australia, which teems with charming restaurants, beautiful vineyards and a genuine pride and passion for food.


A Millennial’s Top 5 Australian Food Experiences

Holidays aren’t just a get-away, for me they are an opportunity to explore local cultures and cuisines. Earlier in the year I visited Western Australia visiting Perth and Freemantle, Margaret River ...
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