You heard it here first – July 2020

You heard it here first


We love people watching here at Levercliff and from time to time something prompts me to remember that I too am a consumer, same as all those whose behaviours we observe! I’ve been looking at our latest Covid Tracking Survey and can see behaviours emerging that I too am embracing, or at least trying to! These relate to health and the Joe Wicks effect. A comment by one of our panellists brought this home to me when I read their reply to ‘why they were eating more protein’, it was ‘because of the body coach diet’ aka Wicks. I too have taken up ordering protein powder to put in some of his recipes and have been working out each morning guided by JW in my quest to exercise more and eat healthier. I wonder if JW can help the nation understand what the dietitians of this world have been telling us all along, that getting healthier is not about fad diets, it’s about adopting a more holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.


The sports and nutrition category has had a challenging few months, since their core existing market have not been able to go to the gym. However, these new ‘holistic health’ entrants could provide opportunity.

Retailers should perhaps be thinking wider than just ambient sports nutrition. Could they make it easier for the consumer to embrace a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps by signposting and flagging up products which are high in protein e.g. nuts and meat. Sainsbury’s have created a point of difference in their coffee aisle- educating the consumer on different coffee types and where they come from- perhaps this on shelf educational approach could be transferred into fresh proteins? A space dedicated to protein education, signposting the nutrition content of different meats?


Companies need to help consumers adopt a holistic approach to health. This could be through specific advertising about their product and how it contributes to a healthier way of living for example. There is much that companies can learn from Joe Wicks and I suspect the company that snaps him up to launch a range of balanced meals will do very well. He is already in partnership with Gousto, a recipe box service, which prides itself on making it easy for families to enjoy healthy home cooked dinners- this business venture suggests he would be onboard with a retail product.

July 2020

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