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Levercliff becomes first food & drink category consultants to secure B Corporation Certification

Levercliff becomes first food & drink category consultants to secure B Corporation Certification

Levercliff, category consultants to the food and drink industry, has this month joined the dedicated group of B Corporations. Having met the rigorous social and environmental standards, Levercliff is able to be the first in its category to meet the criteria needed to become B Corp certified. As the ‘B Corp’ movement continues to gain traction on a global scale, Levercliff will join the network of over 1,000 UK businesses and over 5,300 companies worldwide who all share one unified goal – make business a force for good.

B Lab, the nonprofit organisation behind the certification, has been working with businesses to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency since 2006. Together, businesses can harness their collective power and positively impact the business world as we know it, creating a better world for all.

Food & Beverage companies make up 142 of the UK’s certified corporations – with new brands looking to become certified daily. Levercliff’s B Corp certification will allow its existing and future B Corp certified clients to build a fully B Corp certified supply chain, working with a team of category consultants who share similar commitments and conviction towards the wellbeing of society at large. Furthermore, having an in-depth, first-hand understanding of the process will enable Levercliff to further guide and advise its clients on whether certification is the right step.

Alongside their own certification, Levercliff has taken its commitment one step further – two team members, Associate Director Mark Grant, and Marketing Manager Lauren Smith, have both been through specialist training in order to become B Corp Leaders. This gives them the knowledge and ability to help guide Levercliff’s clients through every step of the process to maximise the opportunity for success.

Clodagh Sherrard, Director at Levercliff, comments:

The B Lab Corporation certification isn’t a process we entered into lightly. It’s a hugely in-depth process, where you are scrutinised in everything you do, from your company social and environmental performance to your business transparency. However, times are changing and especially in the world of food and drink, producers will increasingly be scrutinised by everyone from consumers to trade customers, each of whom have their own sustainability and social responsibility agendas. Being part of a leading movement like B Corp will increasingly become a mark of credibility and we want to ensure our clients have the same reassurance of our commitment to sustainability. Being awarded the certification is testament to the hard work of everyone at Levercliff and we’re incredibly proud to have achieved our B Corp Certification and look forward to where this journey takes us.

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