Border Biscuits


As part of a growth plan for Border, Levercliff conducted consumer research to understand what new flavours should be added to the Border biscuit bar portfolio. 


In advance of focus groups, we captured in-the-moment purchases, usages and eating experiences, along with a blind taste testing of new flavours to help Border better understand its customer, and what flavours and messages would best support further range development.


During this process, Levercliff helped the Border team to identify what its customers love about Border Biscuits, and importantly how this could be built on to secure future growth.  

The research also contributed to the development and launch of a completely new flavour profile to its biscuit range, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, which has gone on to win a Silver Award at the Grocer New Product and Packaging Awards in November 2023!  


Levercliff's research helped us to understand where we should go next with Biscuit bars and what new flavour profiles could work well within our chocolate portfolio. Dark Chocolate Raspberry was one of those flavours and is proving successful for Border

Helen Mcilhargey
Senior Insights and Marketing Manager


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