Mackie’s of Scotland is a family-owned business with a strong heritage, best known for its real dairy ice cream. Mackie’s wished to refresh its ice cream pack design to increase cut-through in a busy category, while ensuring that any changes aligned with what its loyal customers love most about the brand.​


We created a research project involving in-store intercepts and online quantitative research and tested different design routes. We found out what was most important to current and prospective customers and provided key insights for the pack refresh.​


Mackie’s rolled out its new look pack in 2021, supported by our insights, its first rebrand in 30 years. The new pack looks fresher while maintaining elements that strongly communicate its brand values and what makes Mackie’s different.  ​

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Levercliff did a fantastic job helping us get from where we were to where we needed to go. We have a clean, modern look but we preserved important things about our brand.

Stuart Common
Sales and Marketing Director


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