The Keogh family had been successfully growing and selling potatoes in Ireland for over 200 years. It was time for a new direction.


We helped the family explore innovation opportunities. Consumer research identified a key insight: Irish consumers wanted great tasting treats, made by real people with real ingredients and flavours. This led to the creation of a new Keogh’s crips range, ‘handcooked on their farm’. We worked with them on the product, brand, business plan and grant approval for new plant and equipment

We continue to work with Keogh’s on further crisp innovation and their new premium popcorn range. As the business has grown, so have the demands of trade customers. So, we now also help them analyse category data and develop insight-driven trade recommendations.


In our 12 year association, Keogh’s has developed into a €15 million business with 11% of the Irish crisp market. 25% of the firm’s sales now come from exports, including to the USA. In 2021 they secured their first UK listing with Waitrose.


We’ve worked with Levercliff for 12 years now because of their people. They’re joined up, aligned and understand us from pillar to post.

Tom Keogh


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